Nurturing Talent in a safe and diverse environment!


“Thought over a period becomes actions,
action over a period becomes habit,
habit over a period becomes Culture!”

Nurturing Talent in a safe and diverse environment!

We nurture an environment of the Hearts of our employees who strive to create this corporate identity. We believe in cultivating and enhancing the true potential in each one of our people, and then, by freeing and empowering them to perform.

Four Pillars
At Forbes Facility Services our employees are assured of a four pronged benefit that will touch and benefit every aspect of their life, namely Earning, Learning, Pride and Fun.

Safety first
We are devoted to providing a happy, healthy and safe working environment for our every employee. Our robust policies on safety at workplace help in protecting our people and our ‘Prevention of Sexual Harassment Policy’ and its enforcement provides a safe and congenial working environment. Thus we provide our employees an environment to perform and achieve their corporate ambitions.

Celebrating diversity
The diversity of employee helps an organization in connecting well with the external world, especially when it operates nationally and internationally. We promote and inculcate diversity in the organization and give equal opportunity to all the people irrespective of race, colour, religion, cast, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or age.

Gender Equality
We are proud to be an organisation giving equal opportunity of female employees, with a large number of female employees which is ever growing; we are helping in making women empowered.

Grievance redressal
Employee satisfaction is the key to success in the service industry. ‘VISHWAS’ is an initiative and a holistic approach to address grievances of employees helping us to win their hearts through the trust they put in us for resolving grievances. Through this initiative, we collect complaints and feedback from our employees at different sites and resolve it through our time-tested grievance redressal policy.

Rewarding meritorious students
Nanhe Forbes is an initiative to motivate and promote meritorious children of our employees, through this programme we give scholarship to meritorious students.

Employee engagement activities
All work and no entertainment make a workplace dissatisfying, so to keep the moral of the employees high, we organize monthly engagement activities for employees under ‘Forbes Fiesta’.

Employee Engagement

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Day with deprived

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