Our catering division ensures the food services needs of our clients within all spheres of hospitality are met with the highest quality standards.

We have a special ream to take care of the industry needs of attending to the food service requirements of their huge work force. Our onsite catering division provides professional catering services to various industrial clients like Honda Motorcycles, Steel Strips, Piramal Healthcare,etc.

We plan, design, and operate kitchens and food courts at the client premises, ensuring the same high standards and variety as they would get from our central kitchens.

Attention to detail and client service has always been part of the successful policy of the company.

Regular consultations with clients in the preparation of menus and listening to the needs and wishes of administrative committee has ensured us high ratings and references with our existing clients.

We offer specially designed corporate catering services for formal events such as corporate meetings and seminars, which demand for maintaining a formal and disciplined air with impeccable arrangement of all the services.

Our Hospital Services have been developed to particularly meet the requirements of Multi Specialty Hospitals, Nursing hostels where quality service of highest standards is the paramount objective.

As required in this type of service we develop a deep understanding and expertise in nutritional ingenuity, which benefits the hospitals and nursing homes in providing professional service to the patients.

In addition to the catering for the patients the company also offers various options in catering for the Staff and employees of the Hospital.

We have developed tailor-made expertise for the management, infrastructure and specialized expertise to provide the highest quality services in the healthcare industry. As required in Healthcare sector, our food is not only prepared in a totally hygienic environment, but also it is synchronized to the special dietary needs of the individual patients and that is the challenge. In our constant endeavor for better client service we have pioneered special diet plans and menus, which are creative and look positively appealing.

Our services within this vertical include a total solution for complete hospitality accountability for the hospital and this includes

Planning for kitchen from concept to commissioning stage and prescription of standard service specifications for regular operation and ensure that the diet order of the menu is produced as fixed by or ordered by the user.

Regular monitoring of the efficiency of the system by regular on the spot supervision by the trained managerial staff and constant interaction with the Dieticians, Doctors and other medical staff supplemented by obtaining feedbacks from the users and ensure that the food produced is packed and serviced as per the time specifications.

We ensue complete compliance to safe and whole sum food to the patients by following strict adherence to ‘GRAS’ and ‘HACCP’ norms. Our food preparations involves the best of ingredients as per local availability and requirement. The service is effected in a hygienic workplace by professionally trained workmen.

To serve the requirement of small and medium scale hotels and guest houses for bringing in a professional approach in the working of their units and there by provide them a sound base for future business and expansion, FFSl has developed an award-winning team of hospitality professionals with a proven track record in creating and serving truly memorable lodging and boarding facilities.

We help you develop realistic goals for your property and encourage their implementation. We begin by getting to know your property, staff and market, and conducting property visits to help your team carry out the business plan.

We provide detailed market plans, budgets and capital improvements when appropriate. Periodic reports keep corporate staff apprised of progress and areas needing attention.

We ensure that the physical maintenance and capital expenditures to improve the property are completed. We can oversee redecorating and refurbishing to enhance market appeal and operating efficiencies.

We motivate your employees with human resource procedures that create a sense of belonging.

We negotiate volume purchasing agreements to help you maintain consistency and cost controls.

Our sales personnel shall be available to assist you with a comprehensive solution for all your requirements.

To complete the chain of creating a package for the institutional clients and also individuals, we have developed a few restaurant brand concepts. These could be used at the clients already managed premises or fresh one.