We work towards a common goal with our clients, towards having a clean and pollution free environment. In the process we ensure that our machines, manpower and chemicals are user and environment friendly.

Our processes are dedicated to a 10 point programme that is linked to our mission to ensure that we work for efficiency, ease, efficacy and employee satisfaction and continual improvement in the process and operations. Our 10 point aspiration guarantees that we:

  • Reduce waste
  • Keep minimum inventory
  • Offer maximum efficiency of spares
  • Provide customer demand determined services
  • Take calculated steps for environment protection
  • Do it right the first time (after training)
  • Empower workers (after training)
  • Grant timely equipment changeover for better efficiency
  • Create supplier Partnership link
  • Continuous Improvement Culture

All our processes ensure complete safety of the client’s assets and ensure appreciation of its assets.

Our food services units manage kitchens that are HACCP compliant with complete emphasis on safety of the client and our workforce.

We operate a colour coding system for all dusters and mops and where appropriate our staff is provided with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) protection.

Our machinery is regularly checked to see that it complies with the safety of electricity at Work norms.

All personnel receive an induction at the commencement of their employment which includes basic training in all aspects of Health & Safety that is applicable to their job.

Through this process we ensure that products and personnel are used only for their intended safe and hygienic support to ensure that the client concentrates on "MANAGING HIS WORK"