Successful facility service outsourcing depends upon a number of factors such as provider-client compatibility, communication, and alignment of strategic objectives. And quantifiable bottom line results are the key to effectively measuring the economic benefits of any outsourcing initiative. At Forbes Facility Services, we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the economic value that clients receive from our facility service solutions. In fact, we’ve developed a proprietary method to quantify and measure those benefits with the Forbes Facility Services Productivity Index [LPI].

The Forbes Facility Services Productivity Index is a quantifiable standard for effectively measuring facility management productivity. LPI is a set of performance measurements designed to report on the most critical elements of our operations at customer facilities. The process has produced positive, verifiable results for customers and building owners as well as Forbes Facility Services and its employees. Key metrics and performance measurements are all part of the LPI and are regularly reported to clients for review. Typical areas that are measured and reported include:

  • Work order completion
  • Preventive maintenance activity
  • Reliability/uptime
  • Financial performance
  • Quality control
  • Worker productivity
  • Maintenance cost/asset replacement analysis
  • Environmental, Health and Safety
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Quality Processes to Ensure Satisfaction

We work hard to understand your critical business activities and how we can impact them positively. Forbes Facility Services is ISO 9001:2008-certified and committed to quality throughout the organization. These are just a few of the quality processes established to ensure that your total satisfaction is met:

  • Customer surveys
  • Client review meetings
  • Site evaluations
  • Site visits by senior executives
  • Formal escalation process for priority response

We’re so sure we’ll meet your expectations that many of our customer contracts actually include performance-based fee structures. You won’t find a better facility investment than that.